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These birds are not for sale. These are birds that we have done for our clients or our own private collection. Click on the pictures for a larger picture.

Flying Turkey done for a lucky youth hunter in the Tucson area. This turkey was shot in the Payson area during the spring youth hunt. His mom called the turkey in. Hats off to moms taking their son's hunting!!
Close up of the painted freeze dried head of the flying turkey.
Flying turkey mount with lucky youth hunter. Happy Customer.
Strutting Turkey shot by a lucky hunter on the youth hunt around Payson. When he brought this into camp it was bigger than he was. In order to get his turkey, he had a little help from his Dad. His arms got tired holding up the gun, so Dad held up the barrel till the turkey stepped from behind the tree, then Dad dropped his hands and Boom!!
Strutting Turkey painted freeze dried head.
Strutting Turkey Youth Hunter. Happy Customer.
Wings and tail mount. We like to get the shell that was used to kill the turkey to put the beard in.
Wing and tail mount. This lucky hunter shot a bearded hen. A beautiful mount. A Happy Customer.
Standing Turkey Mount.